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Climate Change

With the recent climate change, the industry of organic farming is badly affected hence organic crops are facing shortage worldwide. Low yield of organic chia seed from South America, organic psyllium husk from India, organic prunes from North America, organic olive from Italy and organic honey from the southern hemisphere are very common nowadays but at Country Farm Organics, we are constantly looking for the best and yet sustainable source, while keeping our price affordable for every household to enjoy the goodness of organic products without having a hole in the pockets!

What is The Difference between Organic and Natural?

Many people are confused between ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ and thinking natural foods are always organic, which in fact not necessary true. Natural foods are generally defined as food items that are 100% obtained in its pristine form, without being synthetically altered as compared to GMO (genetically modified organism) which is commonly found in conventional food products.

Then why do some people look for natural foods instead of conventional? Well, the concept is simple – if you genetically modified a plant, the nutrients and its beneficial properties may also be altered. But for some people, on top of being not synthetically modified, they want their foods to be chemical, synthetic fertiliser, pesticides and preservatives free, hence they look for organic products because organic food seals are guaranteed and monitored by stringent operating procedures by the internationally recognised regulations, such as the National Organic Programme (NOP) which is a regulatory program housed within the United States Department of Agriculture.