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Organic At A Glance

As concerns continue to grow about health consequences brought about by new technology such as chemical biocides and advanced method of production in the food supply chain, the demand for organic foods is growing. The growing use of antibiotics, artificial additives and chemicals as well as the introduction of irradiation and genetically modified foods has added fuel to this concern. Organic foods were until relatively recently only found in health food stores, but now there is an expanding range of fresh and packaged organic foods available even from the supermarkets.

What does "Organic" means?

In December 2000, the National Organic Standards Board of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) established a national standard for the term “organic”. Organic food, defined by how it cannot be made rather than how it can be made, must be produced without the use of sewer-sludge fertilizers, most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, genetic engineering (biotechnology), growth hormones, irradiation and antibiotics.

You can say organic simply means produce that are chemical-free and meat that are antibiotic-free. And you can bet that organic farmers do a lot more than just omitting pesticides. Organic farmers document each of their plantations with detailed record keeping, testing and retesting, and anticipate surprise inspections by personnel from the organic certification body. The farmland must also be free of chemical residues for a minimum of three years. Even after the organic food leaves the farm, the records must demonstrate that it was transported without ever mingling with non-organic food and that the packaging was not tainted, treated, or irradiated. Due to the stringent standards in organic agriculture, there are not many certified farms in Malaysia which lead to insufficient supply of local organic vegetables.

The rise in popularity of organic food in Malaysia is not just a passing fad. Rather, Malaysians feel it is the way of taking care of their health and well-being. As the leading player in the Malaysian organic industry, Country Farm Organics is dedicated to an exciting mission of introducing affordable quality organic foods to the general public in Malaysia and the surrounding regions through its dealers.

Country Farm Organics is committed to the highest ethical standards in the importing, packing and marketing of organically grown foods. We always ensure that all our products are traceable to their organic sources. The passion to educate the public on the importance of eating and using organic products has lead Country Farm Organics to actively organize educational, promotional and awareness activities, such as a series of informative articles which provides an overview on organic foods, tips on healthy eating and nutrition, creative recipes and many more.