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Country of Origin: Philippines

Product Price: RM 56.51 


Signature Premium Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Exclusively brought to you by Country Farm Organics


The Uniqueness:



 Luzon Island of the Philippines


Technology Features & Specifications

Fresh Dry Method




Cold Pressed Extraction





Moisture Content & Free Fatty Acid

Unlike ordinary coconut oil which is produced from copra (dried kernel), SPO EVCO is obtained through fresh dry method from freshly matured coconut kernels.

SPO EVCO is extracted without the application of external heat, thereby pressure is applied to force the oil out. The fiction caused by the pressure does slightly increase the temperature of the product, but it is well controlled without exceeding 45°C.

Kept under 0.1% - Prevent rancidity and extend the shelf life


Different in Nutrients

Beneficial saturated Fat, MCTs

·         Lauric acid (48.5%)

·         Caprylic acid (4.8%)

·         Capric acid (5.2%)



Vitamin E and Phenolic Compounds


· Increase “good” fat (or HDL), which has neutral impact on heart health

· As an instant energy source, which is more rapidly absorbed and metabolized as fuel instead of being stored as fat

· Enhanced antimicrobial and antiviral in  the body

Cold pressed extraction retains the heat-sensitive components like vitamin E and phenolic compounds. Vitamin E and beta-sitosterol contribute to heart health, whilst, other phenolic compounds including ferulic and p-coumaric acids enhance antioxidant capacity.


Different in Taste


Free from preservatives and addictive, SPO EVCO is smooth and flavourful, with a remarkable pleasant and natural mild coconut aroma


What are the difference between SPO EVCO with ordinary coconut oil in the market?



Ordinary Coconut Oil


Fresh mature coconut kernel

Copra (dried coconut kernel)

Extraction Process

Cold-pressed extraction

Refining, bleaching & deodorizing (RBD) process


Well preserved as they involve minimal heat and processes

Nothing much altering in fatty acid profile, but most of the heat-sensitive components are destroyed

Taste/   Aroma

   Smooth with natural mild   coconut aroma

Tasteless, odourless

What is the white residue formed at the bottom of the SPO EVCO?
It is part of the natural process of coconut oil solidifying. Fresh and pure EVCO will be crystal clear when melted and whitens when solid. During the in-between phase, the oil will naturally be cloudy.


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