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Product ID: CNY05

Country of Origin: Malaysia (Acacia Honey), Thailand (CF Nat Longan Honey)

Product Price: RM 91.80 


CF Nat Acacia Honey 1L

100% pure natural Honey gathers from the blossoms of Acacia Mangium trees, which is located in the midst of the pristine Borneo rainforest that is devoid of any chemical contaminants. Temperature range of 22 - 28 °C in Borneo rainforest contributes to rich source of pollen and nectar in honey. It is packed at 45°C to maintain its natural flavour and maximum level of active enzymes. 

CF Nat Longan Honey

Specialty of Product:

The quality of longan blossom honey from Thailand is always better than other countries due to its unique geographical region. Nectar is the major raw material for making honey, the optimum climatic conditions result in high quality and quantity of nectar. Longan flowers bloom during February to April, which is the dry warm season for this period. An average temperature above 32°C with limited rainfall contributes to the good quality of nectar production.

CF Nat Acacia Honey 1L

• Mankind's oldest food and medicine, helps to relief coughs, asthma and colds

• Antibacterial properties that helps to heal wounds and burns
• Enhances the skin complexion
Improves digestive system
• Good energy soure and helps relieve fatigue

• Helps boost the immune system


CF Nat Longan Honey

Benefits of Product:

  1. Nature’s purest energy food
  2. Good source of antioxidants
  3. A natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent


The versatility of Product:

Longan blossom honey has a fine mild taste. The honey is enjoyed for its intense smell, delicate flavor and lingering aftertaste. Its pleasant aroma not only imparts a good flavor to drinks and smoothies but it is also suitable as binder for salad dressing, sauces and dips. Longan blossom honey absolutely adds a special touch to almost every baked goods and desserts.


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