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Product ID: 9555016304280

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Product Price: RM 13.90 (Peninsular Malaysia Only)


Mennosato Organic multivege Baby Noodle is brought to you by Country Farm Organics, where noodles that come with different flavours are all made from finest organic ingredients. Baby Noodles are a great next stage in guiding infants to chew, providing them with a chance to experience new texture, which in turn helps ease the transition to family meals. Baby noodles' soft texture is ideal for infants, it is one of the good selections to provide them with a source of carbohydrate and protein: energy essential energy, growth and development.    

* Free from synthetic colourings, flovourings and preservavtives
* Suitable for 7 months and above
* Product is certified by NASAA Certified Organic
* no added sugar
* flavouring spare, quick and versatile meal


* Supply essentials minerals & vitamins
* Protects liver
* Improves digestion
* natural cleansing agents
* descrease the risk of anemia
* Increases brain activity
* Good Souce of antioxidants
* descrease the risk of anemia
* Cures urinary disorders
* Increases brain activity
* natural cleansing agents
* Good for eyesight
* Kills intestinal worm


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